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“Gordon Podiatry’s main focus is our patients.  Our Goal is to provide excellent foot, ankle, and lower extremity care.  We will use our expertise to evaluate, diagnose, manage, and treat your condition. We understand that foot, ankle, and leg pain can impact your activities and quality of life. We want to get you moving, walking, working, dancing, playing, or running as quickly and as best we can.  No problem is too small.  We strive for patient satisfaction by offering modern treatment approaches.  Additionally, for our Diabetic patients, we aim to keep your feet healthy by working with you to help prevent diabetic complications.  At Gordon Podiatry, we also specialize in sports medicine.  We understand the needs of athletes and runners, and will evaluate your condition from a sports medicine approach.  When surgery is required, we will communicate with you to understand your options and provide you with our expert techniques.  Welcome to our practice.